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Tail Docking, Ear Cropping and Dew Claw Removal
and CKC Breed Standards

For several years tail docking, ear cropping and dew claw removal have been a topic that has been at the fore of purebred dog discussions and CKC Board and Committee deliberations. The declarations by various provincial veterinary regulators that practitioners within their jurisdictions can no longer provide these services has sparked angst for many active CKC members regarding the breeding, exhibiting and selling of affected breeds.

Beginning in 2008 and throughout 2009 the CKC sought and received input through surveys directed to both breed clubs and individual members on this issue. By December 2010 the CKC had revised and issued a policy on ear cropping and separately on tail docking and dew claw removal. As formal and informal discussion continued through 2012, the Board in September 2012, requested that the Event Officiating Committee review the circumstance of the judging process and the application of CKC breed standards in situations where provincial or local bans on docking, cropping or due claw removal exist.

At the December 2012 board meeting the EOC reported that it could not support judges varying from existing breed standards. It was noted, however, that some breed clubs have begun the process of changing standards to alter wording in order to allow either natural or docked dogs to be judged on an equitable basis. Given that this concern continues to be unresolved, and based upon the EOC report and the subsequent board discussion, a motion was passed at the December 2012 board meeting to establish a Select Committee on the Tail Docking, Ear Cropping and Dew Claw Removal and CKC Breed Standards.

This select committee made up of members of the Board; Wendy Maisey, Joan Bennett and Michael Shoreman (ex-officio) plus staff members; Elio Furlan, Sonny Allinson, and the Executive Director, will review and consider the issue of docking and cropping as it relates to CKC breed standards and CKC activities . The Committee will solicit and encourage final breed club input regarding potential changes to the CKC breed standards with the proviso that the CKC intends to revise these standards where necessary. The purpose of such changes will be to facilitate the exhibition and judging of dogs with natural tails and ears or with dew claws intact on an equitable basis with dogs that may have docked tails, cropped ears or dew claws removed. 

It is intended that the Board will receive the report of this committee and deal with its recommendations at the September 2013 Board meeting.  

Posted 25 January 2013