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Welcome to the home page of the Irish Setter Club of Canada (ISCC). We are a national breed club serving members across the land mass of Canada and those interested in knowing more about the breed, in search of a puppy or prepared to provide a new home to a rescued dog. To save you time we have linked most of the information available from sites on the net including the American and Canadian Kennel Clubs. The club issues, to members, a bi-annual newsletter called PAWPRINTS which is a hard copy forum on all aspects of the breed. To become a club member please complete the application form linked below and send your cheque by snail mail to the membership secretary whose address is shown on the form. 

*Mission of the Irish Setter Club of Canada
 & Club Executive

*Principles of Integrity 

*The Constitution

*Membership Form        Microsoft word membership form here

*Photo of an Irish Setter  New Irish Setter Photo-Gulliver
Submissions for Spring  and Summer issue are due by September 15th, with the edition to be issued by 15 October. The Fall and Winter edition (36 pages of which 26 have colour) was mailed 26 April and includes the membership application for 2013/14.


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ue Information No known rescues available at this time-10 June, 2013

*Gone but Not Forgotten/En Memoire  Chopin  the Ramblin Man

*Breeder Contacts for Puppies See the breeders page for details


*Links to Related Web Sites 

* CKC News  Current status of the issues of Tail Docking, Ear Cropping and Dew Claw Removal 25 Jan 2013
*Irish Setter in Canada No longer in print
*The Irish Setter Breed Standard
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