Members of The Irish Setter Club of Canada , when engaged in caring for, breeding, selling, or judging Irish Setters, shall abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Irish Setter Club of Canada and The Canadian Kennel Club.

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Members agree to protect and advance the natural qualities of the Irish Setter. In so doing the members agree to the following principles:

· Maintain a high standard of care and cleanliness for their dogs;
· Provide health protection for them through worming, innoculations  and veterinarian care;
· Make every effort to learn about the structure, anatomy, behaviour, temperament and other inheritable traits
  of their Irish Setter;
· Refuse to sell any animal to a known commercial wholesaler or retailer or research laboratory;
· Act in a sportsman like manner  in any relationship in  competition with other exhibitors;

Members who are breeders agree to the following additional principles:

· Plan the placing of the resultant offspring from any mating;
· Plan mating to improve the natural qualities of the breed as defined in the breed standard;
· Plan mating to ensure the best possible temperament;
. Use widely available diagnostic procedures to eliminate hereditary disorders and submit results to the
  applicable registry ( OFA, CERF etc).
· Mate only healthy, mature animals that are:
a. Registerable or registered with the CKC;
b. believed to be free from clearly defined and understood congenital defects;
c. believed to be free from other permanent disqualifying faults set out in the Official CKC Breed Standard for the Irish Setter;

· Prepare in writing the details of any stud service agreement;
· Keep meticulous written records of all matings , births, and registrations as required by the CKC;
· When selling an Irish Setter:

a. advertise factually, and truthfully and reallistically  represent the Irish Setter being sold in terms of health, quality, and genetic history;
b. prepare bills of sale for all transactions;
c. supply no animals to pet shops, commercial brokers or dealers;
d. supply no animals for raffles, give-aways or similar projects ;
e.  use a Non-Breeding Agreement, a Co-ownership Agreement or and/or a Sales Agreement  when selling or placing unspayed bitches or complete males  and strongly urge the spaying or neutering of animals not intended for breeding by the purchaser 
f.  comply with the CKC by-laws with respect to litter registration, individual registration, and transfer of ownership; (see note below)
g. recommend  that a purchased animal be examined by the purchaser’s veterinarianas soon as possible after purchase and not later than 5 working days from receipt of the animal;
h.  provide the purchasers with details of pedigree, feeding, general health and care and innoculations received; 
i.   maintain an interest in all Irish Setters they have bred and be prepared to assist in re-homing and/or rescue of these dogs as a matter of priority;
j.   provide a written contract to be signed by both parties prior to taking a deposit. T
he contract should clearly state if the deposit is non-refundable.

Note:   The Animal Pedigree Act, a Canadian federal Statute, requires that when a person sells a dog as "purebred", he/she must furnish a certificate of registration  together with a fully recorded transfer of ownership to the buyer. The CKC by-laws direct that this shall occur at the sellers expense and therefore at no extra cost to the buyer. 

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